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Threading is an ancient form of hair removal procedure, where the hair is removed from its follicle, with the help of a piece of Thread. THERE ARE NO CHEMICALS USED. IT IS ALSO A LOT LESS PAINFUL THAN WAXING. There was a special feature on Channel 5 about this technology, which is getting very popular in the United States. We specialize in shaping eyebrows with this technique. We emphasize threading provided to each client, in a safe and sanitary environment. Regular threading can maintain a clean, sharp, and beautiful appearance of your eyebrows, without the usual side effects of facial waxing or other hair removal techniques. We recommend threading twice a month for the best results.



In a relaxing atmosphere, we pamper you with our variety of Facials to choose from.


Fruit Facial

With time and sun exposure there is a gradual but slow-down in the rate at which the old cells leave the surface of the skin and are replaced by the newer cells. This results in a surface layer of dead skin cells that are resposible for the appearance of aged skin. Natural Fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of the old, sun damaged surface skin cells. The skin underneath has a fresher, healthier look with a more even color and texture.


Herbal Facial

The facial products used here contain the herbal extracts, and essential oils for the skin. The bodies response to Organic substances is extremely good, and there is the advantage of protection from chemical after effects and reactions.


24 Carat Gold Facial

Gold Facial is the oldest method known for skin rejuvenation and therapeutic effect. It instantly re-texturizes, so that your skin feels softer, silkier, and looks younger and smoother!


Platinum Glow Facial

Platinum Facial is a revolution in beauty therapy. It integrates ancient Indian knowledge with the modern technology from the west. The 5 step facial will accelerate the removal of dead skin, increase collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, and hyper pigmentation.



We can assist you in maintaining a clean smooth and hairless body. We recommend an appointment for waxing, although we can occasionally accommodate walk-ins.


Hot Oil Hair Massage

Give yourself a treat you deserve, and get away from tension for a while. Try our relaxing Hot Oil Hair Massage. It gives your head and brain a real relaxation, while cooling your mind. Hot oil serves as a Natural Conditioner to your scalp and hair.


Henna Tattoos

Try our Henna Artist for artistic designs on your hands, feet, or other parts of your body. Henna Tattoos are temporary tattoos, which wash off in about one week.

Henna can also be applied on your hair for Natural tinting for gray hair. Henna also acts as a Hair conditioner.



The process is to give relief to the tension points, and give relaxation to the effected area of the head and face.


(A private practice)


Mon - Sat: 10 am to 7 pm.

Call for Appointments (818) 709-7092.